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Fun, good drink, great food, interesting places, pretty ladies - on a

from: Richard Zastrow

A great place to go: Plovdiv! Once you're here, just follow the

crowds and you'll find yourself in the midst of great convivial

Bulgarian hospitality ... excellent food and drinks, lively music,

beautiful girls and ... well, you get the idea. It is just not

possible to mention one or two favorite clubs, restaurants or bars.

The biggest crowds are on the wide pedestrian shopping street in the

city's center, but on every side street you'll find charming

restaurants with great food and prices that will stretch your dollars

farther that you ever thought possible. A friend and I had a great

dinner of salads, potatoes and meat plus coffee and beverage for $3.50

USD total. In two years, I have experienced very few disappointments

in Plovdiv. You won't go wrong at the restaurants in the hotels, but

you will miss a tremendous opportunity if you fail to set out down a

side street and let your nose lead you to a great "mehana" (barbecue)

and your ears will find the way to good entertainment. Our early "beer

festival" gets underway next week and it's gonna be great!

The Plovdiv markets are bursting with the first of this year's

locally-grown produce. Last week we enjoyed beautiful sweet juicy

strawberries at the peak of perfection! Fresh strawberries, sprinkled

with a little sugar and cold, thick Bulgarian yoghurt! MMMMmmm! And

now the dark red (black) cherries are just beginning to appear. The

Plovdiv region is the heart of all Bulgaria's fresh produce; our

restaurants are never lacking for fresh fruits and vegetables to

serve. Grown here, the produce is fresher and less expensive ... it

is no wonder that food quality and prices in Plovdiv restaurants is

better than any other city in Bulgaria.

Take a tour of Plovdiv at Plovdiv City Guide; there are more than 300

photos of this modern, yet ancient city. Plovdiv's history goes back

6-thousand years! Thracian ruins are preserved for scholarly or

casual examination. Hotel rooms are cheap and plentiful; $48 per

night in standard modern hotels right in the heart of the city.

Plovdiv gave a great reception to Pope John Paul II at the end of May; he was more enthusiastic and lively during his meeting with our young people than at any other time during his latest East European tour.

His visit in Sofia (our capital) was not at all the same. There is

truly something special about Plovdiv.

We offer a free newsletter to those interested in learning more about our unique city. You may subscribe on the web site.

Richard Zastrow, Manager

Plovdiv City Guide



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