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Preparing For the Warm Months of Outdoor Cooking

from: Billy Bristol

The Average Barbeque and Grilling Enthusiast does not
even think about outdoor cooking during the winter months. Of
course, this is because it is so much more comfortable cooking
indoors. But there are many things you can do to prepare
yourself for the warm months of outdoor cooking. Think about
using some of these tips to make those coming outdoor events
much better than ever.

1) Brush up on your outdoor cooking by trying some
outdoor recipes indoors. Your oven's broiler can do a great job
of simulating the outdoor cooking experience. The oven at low
temperatures also works like true slow-cooked barbecue. And If
you want the smoky taste of grilled or barbequed food, add a
little liquid smoke. It will not be quite as good as actually
cooking oudoors, but for the real lover of outdoor food, it
still beats almost everything you can cook indoors. It is just a
good way to practice your outdoor recipes for when crunch time

2) Save yourself some money for the upcoming cookout
season. This is the perfect time to find a good deal on
equipment. Many stores are clearing out their inventories for
the coming warm season, and you can almost always find bbq
grills and related equipment at big discounts. Also, go through
newspaper and thrift flyers to look for grills that people are
selling. Other people are not thinking about outdoor cooking
either, and many times will practically give away equipment just
to get it out of the way.

3) Make a list of everything you will need when you will
be cooking outdoors on a daily basis again(assuming you are an
outdoor cooking fanatic like me). Get together a nice-sized
recipe and supply list that will carry you through the season
and provide you with recipes for all the many types of guests
who will come over. Have menus that are suitable for large and
small groups of guests. And if you plan to change your patio
layout at all, now is the time to make plans for those changes.

There are still other things you can do to make preparations for
upcoming cookout season. Just get out of that hibernating mode
and put your mind to it. With just a small change in your
mindset you will improve the quality of your backyard cookouts.

About the author:

Billy Bristol is an outdoor barbeque and grill cooking fanatic
from Texas. He is the editor of, a website devoted to
outdoor cooking and patio design ideas. Billy is not a
professional barbeque chef, and is not immune to mistakes in
outdoor cooking. But he believes learning and correcting the
mistakes for the next time is key to great outdoor cooking


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