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Take Care of Ecoli Induced Illness Naturally

from: Lena Sanchez

Take Care of Ecoli Induced Illness Naturally! © By Lena Sanchez

This time of the year Ecoli related illnesses tend to run rampant in the warmer parts of the world. Sadly treatment given isn't always best!

E. coli can cause vomiting, cramping and severe diarrhea, which can then lead to dehydration. One of the most common sources of E. coli is eating undercooked meat. E. coli outbreaks often occur during the summertime when many Americans are enjoying barbecues, picnics and foods served at public carnivals and festivals. Health experts advise thoroughly cooking all meats; washing hands with hot water and soap before preparing foods; and refrigerating perishable foods, cooked or not.

Antibiotic Treatment for E.coli Risky

Children who are treated for E.coli infection with antibiotics are at a greater risk of developing a toxic condition that can lead to kidney failure.

Say's the findings from a study released by The New England Journal of Medicine, which carry's some heavy public health implications. Both researchers at Children's Hospital Regional Medical Center and the University of Washington in Seattle, studied 71 children age 10 or younger who had E.coli induced diarrhea. Nine received antibiotics. Ten children, including five of the nine treated with antibiotics, developed HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome), a condition in which the patient's urine output diminishes while, at the same time, red blood cells are being destroyed. E.coli induced HUS is more common among children than adults, and often occurs after a gastrointestinal infection. HUS is also the major cause of kidney failure among the 15-years and under crowd.

Researchers say there were no major differences between the patients except that some had received antibiotics while others had not. The researcher reports "We therefore recommend against giving antibiotics to children who may be infected with E.Coli until the results of a stool culture indicate that the (infection) responsible is one that is appropriately treated by an antibiotic."

Yet the prescribing of antibiotics continue for E.coli suspected gastrointestinal problems!

Two treatments that I found to work without antibiotics are; First - Add Probiotic's to the intestinal track to help take care of the E.coli naturally. This addition will overcome and kill the offending bacteria… Ecoli cannot take hold of your system when a balanced intestinal ecosystem exists. Better yet, have your intestinal tract so tuned up that Ecoli can't get access to it. See why

Second - Take a tablespoon of Ionic Sliver Water morning and evening for five or six days, this is also known to kill the offending bacteria, even those that hide in the system that come out later and cause problems. With both these additions you and your child can enjoy the summer.

Both of these should be kept in your medicine war chest (not in the bathroom cabinet) as they are the closest thing to helping the most illnesses and keep the immune system tuned up to ward off illnesses.

If you don't know where to obtain one or both of these

*** Meet the author Lena Sanchez at Editor of "Natural Environmental Health Facts Ezine." Subscribe at & "Your Home Business Coach" Subscribe at

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