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A Guide to Patio Awnings

from: Alison Cole

In many homes, especially in suburban and rural locations, the patio is one of the most cherished places in the home. Patios remind us of good times with friends and family, as the kids play and the ribs sizzle on the barbecue. Many of us also spend a considerable amount of money on our patio furniture and equipment to make it a more inviting and charming location.

Patio awnings are one way to increase the enjoyment of your patio experience. Patio awnings provide shelter from summer heat and provide much-needed shade on those sweltering evening cookouts. Patio awnings are increasing in popularity and are available in an endless variety of styles, colors and options.

Some people like the fact that patio awnings seem to add space and square footage to a home. A patio in itself is an attractive feature of any home. When you add patio awnings, however, it seems almost as if a room has been added to the home. A patio awning seems to almost enclose the patio and creates an outdoor room that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Patio awnings are available in both manual and electronic styles. The manual style patio awnings allow the homeowner to manually adjust the depth, or pitch, of the awning’s fabric. You can choose to have the awning completely open or merely partially open according to your preferences. Automatic, or electronic, patio awnings are controlled by electronic “arms” with the push of a button; many also have remote controls for easier use. Automatic patio awnings usually also come with a manual override feature in case of a power outage. or if the motor should stop performing.
Awnings Info provides detailed information about retractable, canvas, window, RV, patio, aluminum, deck, and commercial awnings. Awnings Info is the sister site of Gazebos Web.

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