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Are You The Victim Of A Poor Barbeque Grill Purchase?

from: Bill Urell

Does the thought of firing up a charcoal grill frighten you? Are you tired of filling a metal pot full of charcoal with explosive fluid, tossing a match in its general direction, and then hoping for the best? Are you currently missing your eyebrows as the result of some hideous barbecue accident?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a prime candidate for graduating to a barbecue gas grill. So put down that eyebrow pencil and consider some of the benefits of a barbecue gas grill.

To begin with, a barbecue gas grill uses propane gas, rather than charcoal, which means you can fire it with a knob, rather than with a series of dangerous events. Additionally, you can set the temperature with the knob and monitor it with the temperature gauge, which most models of barbecue gas grill now include.

Another major advantage to the barbecue gas grill is that you don't have to manage a three-alarm fire just to cook a hotdog. Propane burns cleanly and controllably. This means you wont have a giant black cloud of smoke hanging over your cookout. You also wont have to worry about cinders blowing away and catching the grass on fire. Additionally, you wont have to call the firestation ahead of time to let them know you're having a cookout.

Now, given the important advantages that a barbecue gas grill has over a charcoal grill, what are some other important things you should consider before running out to the store to buy one?

The first thing you should consider is total grilling space. This is relatively easy to forget, as many of us think there is only one standard size of grill, when there are dozens. When you compare different models of barbecue gas grill, make sure you take into consideration the total square inches of grilling space. If you have big cookouts frequently, do not buy that six inch high outdoor toaster to use for your Memorial Day cookout. Instead, opt for something that offers around 600 square inches of grilling space. You will probably have to spend around $700 for such a machine, but it will be worth it in the long run.

The last thing you should take into consideration is tray space. Most models of barbecue gas grill now include pull-out side trays, which you can use to store hamburgers and hotdogs-to-be. If you don't already have a small table to use for this task, you may also want to consider spending the few extra bucks to get a model of barbecue gas grill with pull-out trays.

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Bill Urell

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