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Winners 2007 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Bronze

Date Issued

Site Description


01/06/2007 Murfreesboro TN Rotary Club website Murfreesboro Noon Rotary Club
01/06/2007 Applications, information, instructions and history of the Clarksville Police Department Clarksville Police Department
1/20/07 This website offers a unique introduction into the martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, detailing the legendary history of how the art was founded by a Shaolin Abbess, and explaining the fundamental theories, concepts and idioms on which the system of Wing Chun is based. Wing Chun Kung Fu
1/20/07 Stamps and information on the United Nations and the UN system UNOstamps
2/6/07 A cutting edge website that�s 110% Flash-driven with some crazy effects and a lot more interactivity than every other gaming website, we wanted the site to FEEL like a video game.  We have  on-demand movies that play instantly for the games we Review and Preview and slideshows with close-up screenshots.  GamePhreak
4/1/07 Large site offering free graphics in multiple categories Curly Cat Graphics
5/23/07 Genealogy records of a Scotch-Irish settlement on the North/South Carolina border in the counties of Lancaster, S.C. and Union, N.C. All records are sourced and credits are given. Welcome To The WaxHaws
6/16/07 Laboratory for Audio, Video, and Photographic Forensics. Website contains original graphics and design that very appropriately fits the theme and content of the site. The forensic content is very detailed, useful, and appropriately displayed. Navigational structure is excellent and natural search engine ranking is very high. Stutchman Forensic Laboratory

Winners 2006 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Bronze

Date Issued

Site Description


1/28/2006 (New Plaque issued) Designed for children and young people, this site gives information on burns and first aid and has links to further information, plus a contact base for burn survivors. Salamanders - Young Burn Survivors
2/5/2006 I am a speculative fiction author. My website is not only about me, but also is a reference for speculative fiction fans and writers. SC Bryce


Safe surf rated gaming, graphics, Civil War, St. Augustine, Gettysburg, Cat site, and Christian site with something for the whole family.

Game Puppet

2/12/06 Testimony and on-going bicycle travels of a former Orthodox Jew who now shares a unique Christian message of compassion and prayer. Pedal Prayers
2/22/06 Making a difference in both teaching children music and awarding websites around the world. Keyboards for Christ
3/12/06 The Port Road is one of the most scenic lines in eastern Pennsylvania. C&PD Today
3/23/06 Genealogy site with Richardson history and huge database aiding other researchers Richardson History and Ancestory
4/15/06 Designed to broaden the mind & encourage new thoughts, this site deals with ancient civilizations, new thinking and old ideas. Atlantis &Ancient Civilizations & Sea's World
5/14/06 A free general purpose help site for online tournament directors. LambeauBear
5/22/06 (upgrade from merit) Dressage & Show jumping online tuition for all riders, encyclopedia, articles, rescued horses, active AP and equestrian Art. Horse Deliverance
7/2/06 My hi-rail "Island Valley Railroad". Pictures of my model railroad under construction, other layout and railfan pictures. Model railroading by Bill Parisi
7/29/06 Mona-Lisa.com contains the photography and artwork of Mona-Lisa T., including free brushes and graphics. Mona Lisa T.
10/17/06 Studies4Fun is an educational, totally safe, kid-friendly website that everyone in your family will enjoy! Studies 4 Fun
12/4/06 The site documents the life and work of portrait artist Elbridge Ayer Burbank (1858-1949). Burbank painted and sketched more than 1,200 Native Americans from 125 tribes including Geronimo and Chief Joseph. Teacher and student visitors can learn about Burbank's travels (geography and transportation), art (portrait and sketch), Native Americans (Burbank's relations with and lifestyle), mental health (Burbank was Bi-Polar) and even writing (Burbank's book is on-line with permission of the publisher  1944). Hosted by the Harvard-Diggins Library in Burbank's hometown. E.A. Burbank Timeline
12/27/06 Website of Presentation Higher Secondary School, designed and developed by me. I am an 8 year old, 4th class student. Site contains all information about school. Presentation Higher Secondary School
12/27/06 The history of the Stanier family, now of Colchester England Hewing The Stone

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