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Yesteryear Of The CB Radio

from: by J.R. Ferrara

CB radio service revolutionized the world in the 1970s. It was initially popularized by truck drivers who used it to communicate traffic problems and alert others to speed traps. Drivers also found solace in the CB during long trips. The low cost and easy-to-use design gave the CB its much-needed popularity push. Initially, the CB was popular in the United States, but later the British, who began illegally operating them, imported the equipment. The UK government was forced to legalize CBs in 1981 while CBs gained popularity in Australia during the 1970s. The CB radio and its uses were always regulated by a governing agency in Australia. Restrictions on the equipment, like antenna height and the maximum output power, had a damaging effect on its popularity. Apart from this, there were illicit users who modified the equipment to interfere with signals sent out by licensed users. Despite these illegitimate developments, the CB always had a loyal and growing following. CB Radios Today The 20th century focused on many different technological advancements, including the CB radio. Even with the advent of mobile services and the Internet--if you feel the CB radio craze has died down, you are mistaken. To those living in remote areas, especially those without a telephone line, CB radios offer the best communication system. For truck drivers, CB radio is still the preferred mode of communication. They are also popular among hunters and farmers and, in rural areas, CB radio is popular as somewhat of a party line. Commercial truck and cab drivers still use CBs for communicating among themselves. While channel 19 is used to send emergency signals, some parts of the United States have dedicated channels on specific routes. Today, most users have moved to the UHF band because of the clear performance it offers. The popular services in vogue today include FRS, GMRS in the UH frequency band, and multi-use radio service in the VH frequency band. FRS and GMRS are the perfect choice for those who intend to communicate with others living in the vicinity, and the equipment used for this service are of higher quality and can be used within the city as well as in dense areas. http://www.computer-electronic-news.com http://www.eduation-tips-now.com


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