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Licensing Requirements For CB Radios

from: by J.R. Ferrara

CB radio offers a short-range communication system that can be used for business as well as hobby purposes. One need not have any technical qualifications to use it. CB radio service generally doesnt interfere with other radio signals. This is normally accomplished through frequency regulations adopted by the government. Considering the safety aspects, many governments have made it mandatory to have a license for operating a CB radio. The signals sent into the air do not stop at the borders; therefore, every country should have the proper rules set up for planning and managing the radio signals so that one does not interfere with another. If this fails, the CB radio service is useless. Therefore, the installation and use of CB radios should by done with someone with a valid license, preferably one issued by a government agency. The agency manages the radio signal spectrum in such a manner that they are available to those who need them. In the UK, the agency that regulates the use of CB radio is a subdivision of the department of trade and industry. They manage the CB radio spectrum of the UK both nationally and internationally. CB radios can be used only with a valid license or under the supervision of a license holder. OAP networks, Girls Guides and Scouts are exempted from having a license. The license is issued by the radio-licensing center in the UK. Other countries have other agencies that issue CB radio licenses. As noted above, the user either should have a valid license to operate or be under the supervision of a license holder. Supervision by a licensee stipulates that both the licensee and the non-license holder should be in close proximity. However, genuine cases of group operations are exempt from direct supervision. Normally, the license is issued in the name of the CB radio license holder. Individuals under the age of 14 are not issued a license. A license is still required for the reception of CB signals, even without transmission. Walkie-talkies are exempted from licensing, but they do need to conform to the agency directives on equipment. Taxi drivers should be licensed individually and the taxi company must comply with all the rules of CB radio service. Normally the license is valid for one year, after which it must be renewed for further use. If caught using the license for illegal activity, the agency may cancel the license. http://www.information-finers.com http://www.auto-tips-tools.com

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