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Rules Of The CB Game

from: by J.R. Ferrara

CB radio service offers communication within short ranges. However, there are certain rules attached to this service. The rules can be categorized into general, operational, equipment-related and other guiding rules. General Rules About CB Radio Service Rule Number 1 denotes the description of CB radio service. It states that the service is meant for short communications for business and personal activities. It can also be utilized for paging service. Rule Number 2 underlines compliance with the prescribed rules. The CB radio service should be carried within the territorial limits set by the regulating agencies and also follow any technical aspects. Rule Number 3 describes the eligibility of a CB radio usage: any individual can operate CB radio unless he is detained by the regulating agency or if the individual is from a foreign country. Rule Number 4 outlines licensing issues--an individual need not have any license to operate a CB, but should follow the rules mentioned under Rule 17. Operating Rules Rule Number 5 gives the areas of legal operation. Rule Number 6 states the special restrictions attached to CB radio operation. Rule Number 7 lists the operating channels or frequencies, and Rule 12 states the permitted communications. Rule Number 13 talks about illegal communications, Rule Number 14 discusses payment details and Rule Number 15 describes accountability for usage. Rule Number 16 discusses the time factor in transmissions. Equipment Rules Rule Number 8 outlines antenna height, while Rule Number 9 discusses equipment requirements. Rule 10 talks about the power output, and Rule Number 11 describes linear amplifier specifications. The equipment maintenance and servicing should be in accordance to Rule Number 24. Rule Number 25 underlines the modifications that are permitted to a CB radio transmitter. Other Rules Rule Number 17 states identification methods. Emergency usage and traveler-assisting services follow Rule Number 18. However, even for these services, one has to comply with Rule Number 16. Rule Number 19 details remote control operations, and rules related to operations using telephone lines are covered in Rule 20. For those individuals not conforming to the rules and regulations, penalties are enforced, per Rule Number 21. Anyone in violation of the agency rules will be served a notice. The correspondence to the notice falls in Rule 22. The agency has the right to issue a notice for signal interference in accordance with Rule Number 23. The governing agency has the right to inspect the CB radio station as well as the equipment--this is under Rule Number 26. And finally, Rule Number 27 makes it mandatory to keep all the necessary records related to CB radio services. Familiarizing yourself with these rules will give you a more enjoyable, hassle-free CB experience. Enjoy! http://www.information-finers.com http://www.auto-tips-tools.com


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