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Cb Radio Service In The United Kingdom

from: by J.R. Ferrara

CB radio service was first begun in United Kingdom sometime in the 1970s. There were a few illegal users around them, and, due to a sudden spur in the growth of illegal users, CB radio service was legalized in 1981. The early illegal users imported the equipment from United States. After legalization, the UK government stamped all the approved equipment with two logos: CB934/81 or CB27/81. A license was required to operate CB radios, a document that could be obtained from the post office. But that was then, in 2004, licensing was scrapped. Background CB radio usage started with truck drivers who imported the equipment from the U.S. and operated it illegally. Since the import was from the United States, the 27 MHz systems were popular. The craze for CB radios was so immense that engineering experts started converting radiotelephony devices to operate on the 27MHz band. The number of CB radio users grew by the day, and the radio regulatory department started prosecuting all illegal users; the number was so huge, however, that the office found it difficult to track down all of us. CB radio clubs that demanded legalization of CB radio use followed this craze. Finally, the government legalized two frequency bands, 27MHz and 934 MHz. Bands Legalized in the United Kingdom In 1981, the UK government legalized three frequency bands: the 26.965 to 27.405 MHz band with 40 channels, the 27.6 to 27.99MHz band with 40 channels, and the 934 MHz band with 20 channels. Both frequency bands use frequency modulation of the FM status. The 27MHz channel was noisy, while the quality was far superior in 934 MHz UHF band. Initially, the number of CB radio operators in the 934 MHz band was less, but once antenna restrictions were removed and quality equipment was available, the numbers grew. The 934 MHz was later discontinued due to limited use. The general rule for antennas is that they should be vertical and omni-directional, and should not exceed 5 feet in height. Popular CB Radio Channels in the United Kingdom Three CB radio channels are popular in UK: Channel 9, which is used for emergency calling, channel 14, which is operated for general calling and channel 19 (or the truckers channel), which is widely used by truckers. CB Radio Regulating Agency in the UK The CB radio service operation in the UK is regulated by UK R&TTE Regulations organization. The agency is a subdivision of the Department of Trade and Industry. They manage and plan the CB radio service spectrum both at an international and national level. All CB radio equipment has to comply with the UK radio interface directives, but the UK accepts other countrys CEPT-approved equipments for CB radio service. The license should be a valid one issued by that country. http://www.information-finers.com http://www.auto-tips-tools.com

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