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DIY (Do It Yourself) Embroidery Machine Stand for a Single or One Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

We just recently purchased a commercial or industrial style embroidery machine for use with our home business.  We were in the market for a single head embroidery machine capable of commercial quality embroidery work, and to be able to add to our abilities in our machine embroidery business. 


After much comparison shopping we decided to go with the the Brother PR-600II, which is a six needle single head commercial style machine.  We had looked at various other machine such as the Baby Lock Professional, Toyota, Tajima, and others, but in the end we felt that that Brother had the most experience in both the commercial/industrial and the home machine embroidery worlds.  They are well known for their abilities and quality, and the price was right.


View our online photo gallery of some of the projects we have done for other customers!


One item I did feel however was a little pricey, were the stands for these larger and much heavier commercial embroidery machines.  The embroidery machine stands we priced ranged anywhere from $700 - $2000 dollars.  We needed a stand that would be portable, for the shows we plan to attend, and needed to house at least the minimal tools needed to handle the task.  Now, while I didn't feel that $700 was ridicules for a stand, I felt I could come up with some that would serve the same purpose for considerably less money.


We opted for a stand made from 2 x 4's for the rigidness we needed to hold the 80 lb. machine we purchased.  Below you will see pictures with brief explanations for the main steps involved.  Our finished unit will be painted but you can see what we came up with.  The overall height of the unit is 37" to the top, including the casters.  You can adjust the height for your dimensions depending on how high you want your needle area to be, but keep in mind that you also need to be able to reach the spools for threading so don't get too tall either.  My wife has back trouble so we wanted to find the difference between a lot of bending and not having to use a step to reach the threading areas. 


The finished cost of this unit was less than $100 and 40% of that was in the casters and trim strips.  I used 3/4" plywood for the top and bottom for rigidness.  Make sure you remember to leave at least a 3" hang over on one side  to mount your cap frame helper to.  I also used 1/4" hard board for the outside enclosure and wooden floor trim for framing the front of the unit.  I also left the top open under the area where the garments would hang just as with the purchased units.


Basic materials needed are:

6 - 2 x 4's, 1 - 4 x 8 ft. sheet of 1/2" thick plywood, 1 - 8 ft. trim strip, 4 casters, and miscellaneous hardware I had around the house.  The depth is 23 inches, the width across the front is 20", and the top opening is 13.5" wide by 11" deep. 


Here we go:

embroidery machine stand 1 embroidery machine stand 2 embroidery machine stand 3
The basic materials one side frame assembled both side frames assembled
stand9_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5006 bytes) stand8_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5941 bytes) stand7_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5520 bytes)
the back added to the side frames the bottom fully in place Added the top (note 3" hang over on left for cap frame mounting and open center area)
stand6_small.jpg (150x112 -- 6161 bytes) stand5_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5276 bytes) stand4_small.jpg (150x112 -- 4915 bytes)
the casters mounted to the bottom The finished frame upright add the outer trim and coverings.
stand3_small.jpg (150x112 -- 3847 bytes) stand2_small.jpg (150x112 -- 4937 bytes) stand13_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5278 bytes)
There is a small storage area under the plywood in the bottom Here you can see the bottom with the plywood cover removed The Brother PR-600II

embroidery machine stand

The finished unit with the machine in place for use.



Photos taken and article written by: WM8C, June 18th, 2006  Not for use without permission.

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