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Winners 2013 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Gold

Date Issued

Site Description



Family home page with lots of information on their family with photos and a blog that is kept very up to date. Great layout and content.

Familie Delwiche-Ferrari

Winners 2008 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Gold

Date Issued

Site Description



This site is suitable for all ages and it contains over 2000 front and back images of paper  currency of over 300 countries of the world including some countries which do not exist anymore. This site has 3 special exhibits for Unites States, United Kingdom and India. These special exhibits contain a very extensive and hard to find images of the front and back of paper currencies.

World Paper Currency Gallery

Winners 2007 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Gold

Date Issued

Site Description


1/20/07 War of Wits Publishing, Ltd. offers the most authentic fiction and nonfiction books, on spies, spying, espionage and CIA covert operations; information on authors Grayston L. Lynch and Karen A. Lynch, the Bay of Pigs invasion, writing and Andalusian horses. War Of Wits Publishing
2/24/07 A little bit of my world... for you. Cats, horses, Bewitched and Australia: fun stories, loads of information and fun downloads. Curious? Please take a look! It's Wishcraft!

Winners 2006 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Gold

Date Issued

Site Description


2/5/2006 (upgraded from Silver) Diska's personal photo collection for your free wallpaper use and more. Diska's Photos


A parent support for those who have children with Aspergers Syndrome or an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Different Worlds

5/14/06 We show, love & breed Persians and occasionally have kittens available for placement.  Our site is geared towards providing the first time owner with information on early spay/neuter programs, health issues facing the Persian, food recommendations, grooming, supplies, and recommendations for books for further information on Persians, and more. Pelaqita Persions
6/10/06 (upgraded from Bronze) Charting the glittering career of Cunard's world-famous 'Green Goddess' - the RMS Caronia. Enjoy exploring an era of luxury ocean travel that's not likely to ever be repeated. Caronia II Timeline
7/16/06 (ugraded from Silver) The BLUE CRAB DIGEST is a compendium of practical and educational material about, the Blue Crab. The Blue Crab Digest
8/26/06 Travel tips to exotic destinations around the world from my own experience. LTS Grail Award Program (AS! rated 5.0, WTA), Whales and dolphins, homepage tutorial for real beginners, etc. Luuk's Travel Site
10/26/06 (upgraded from Silver) Daily life information for the family and people of all ages. Household Tips, Books, Reviews, SEO, Photos, Recipes, Word Play, and more. Aleeya dotNet
11/6/06 Spiral Pixel web development and graphic design offers services for all of your creative needs, from web to print, photography to illustration. Spiral Pixel

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