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Ham Radio Call Sign Hats and Custom  Embroidery

Order Embroidered Ham or Call Sign Hats Here

Order Embroidered Ham or Call Sign T-Shirts Here

View our online photo gallery of some of the hats we have done for Hams worldwide!

We offer custom embroidery for the Ham Radio Operator (and anyone else).  We specialize in Hats, T-Shirts, Golf or Polo shirts, you name it.  We do Custom Embroidered Hats, Caps, Shirts, and other apparel for all occasions, your design or ours.  Call sign hats or caps or "ham radio caps with call signs", can be as simple just or call sign or more complicated with additional designs and back stitching as show below. 

Custom digitizing of embroidery machine designs are what we do.  Fees apply for items not from our own design stock.  Being Ham Radio Operators ourselves, we know what the amateur community is looking for and we will do custom work for your needs.  Send us your design own for a digitizing quote.  Please keep in mind that "ink is thinner than thread" and not all designs can be properly digitized.  Designs with very distinct shapes and good solid outlines work best.  With embroidery, less is sometimes more, but we will do our best to reproduce your design as close to the original as possible.  We can do single items as well as larger orders for your club or organization too.  Digitizing costs run about $25.00 per hour and average around $50 for more complex designs.  Simpler line drawings often will on be around $15 to digitize.  This is a one time fee and is only for us to re-create "your" design in thread from a drawing or image.

Call Sign Hat Order Page  Hats and T-Shirts start around $12.00 + shipping for standard call sign only designs with block lettering and go up from there depending on design choice and complexity, whether you prefer to have "front only" or "front and back" design like the hat you see below.  A hat like the one shown below would run approximately $18.00 + shipping.  A shirt similar to what you see below with the Antenna, call sign and name would run about $14.00 + shipping.  Some of our standard stock designs currently available are shown below with estimated pricing for each.  We have access to Hats, both normal and low profile, T-Shirts, Polo style shirts, button up shirts, and coats in various styles and colors.

Below is an example of a few projects we recently have done. Just provide us with type of garment, color, & size, if you would like a quote by contacting Astrid for a free, no obligation quote for all your ham radio embroidery needs.   If you have questions, contact us by email at astridsembroidery@wm8c.com for more information.  Our stock designs options include state outlines, microphones, keys, antenna towers, satellite dishes, and more.  We will be adding more of these design options to this page so check back soon.  We can add any text you desire within the size constraints of the garment and the machine.  Send us your idea for a coat, shirt or hat and we'll send you a cost estimate.  You will be provided the design to approve before it's sewn. 

Click Here To Order Your Hat Or Shirt Via PayPal Now!


We offer easy to order custom embroidered hats or caps.

Safely use your with PayPal


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Example of 3 lined hat on a style 1 hat

Cap back embroidery

Standard above pocket logo, name,

 & call sign

1 line hat on a style 2 hat

embroidered_hat_back_small.jpg (150x112 -- 5161 bytes)
To the right are examples of a two lines on style 1 hats Another example  of a shirt pocket size logo with keyer, call sign, and name.

Outlines available for T-Shirts below - Please go to the T-Shirt Order Page to order shirts using the outlines below.

All 50 states available


More choices to come soon, so stop back often!   

We take requests for custom options also.  Ask us and we'll see if we have it.    

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