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How To Find Low Home Mortgage Refinance Rates While Rates Are Rising

from: Mark Askew

2 years ago bargain mortgage rate shoppers are on a refinancing spree. While many homeowners seeking to reduce monthly payments and overall rates have secured unbelievably great deals, others have gotten the short end of the stick. Now that rates are rising the question is how can you refinance your home without getting burned?

The key to successfully locating low home mortgage rates is making use of online lending marketplaces. These marketplaces are like highly competitive auction houses. Lenders seek to win the users business by offering competitive rates, fees and incentives.

The fist step is finding out how much you can afford. This largely depends on your credit score. A helpful site called "How Stuff Works" at http://money.howstuffworks.com/credit-score3.htm explains "Your credit score doesn't just affect whether or not you get a loan; it also affects how much that loan is going to cost you. As your credit score increases, your credit risk decreases. This means your interest rate decreases."

Mortgage Loan Search at http://www.bcpl.net/~ibcnet provides articles tips and tools to help users see how to get around various loan fees and added costs as well as how to make several lenders compete for your business.

Personal finance resources aim to help the user understand the lending process from a consumers perspective. Once such site is RefinanceLoanRates at http://refinanceloanrates.fimark.net. This site features articles such as:

Is Now A Good Time To Refinance?

StreamLine Home Refinance Programs

15 Reasons To Refinance Your Home

Advantages of Cash Out Refinancing

It is always best to read news, tips and guides to be better informed about the lending marketplace as well as how current housing and economic trends will impact your money. Consumers should consult their mortgage professional to find out if these programs will work best for them. Because rates are beginning to rise loan rate shoppers seeking low rates for refinancing or home buying should not delay preparing to lock-in rates at today's lows.

About the Author

Mark Askew is founder and editor of the Mortgage Loan Search Network at www.bcpl.net/~ibcnet. An extensive financing and refinancing resource with tips and guides for rate comparison, establishing and repairing credit, lowering interest rate charges and monthly paymets and finding bargain loan deal online.


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