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Bank vs Broker- How to Choose a New Jersey Mortgage Company

from: John DiDomenico- "New Jersey Mortgage Pro"

Choosing a New Jersey Mortgage Company can be quite confusing and stressful. Understanding the difference between your local bank versus a mortgage broker could mean the savings of thousands of dollars. Your local bank has certain guidelines and criteria it must follow. These restrictions often limit the loan products which are available to you. Itís essential to ask your bank which type of credit borrowers they specialize in, also known as Prime and Sub-Prime Borrows. Knowing this can give you a better understanding of the lending institution your dealing with. Mortgage Brokers on the other hand are often smaller companies that have an abundance of resources when it comes to getting you the money you need. New Jersey mortgage brokers are not often restricted to one lenderís guidelines. Therefore, weather it be foreclosure bailout, bad credit refinance, no money down purchase etc, a mortgage broker has a better chance of getting you the loan. Like a bank, a mortgage broker will charge an origination fee to obtain you a loan. However, since a mortgage broker has a larger network of mortgage lenders they can often find you the best deal. The more product knowledge you have when shopping for a mortgage, the more power you have to get the best deal.

About the Author

John DiDomenico is the founder of BestNewJerseyMortgages.com who helps educate homebuyers and homeowners on their purchase and refinance needs via the http://www.bestnewjerseymortgages.com website. To find a home mortgage loan that best suits your needs visit http://www.bestnewjerseymortgages.com.


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