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It's not to Late To Get a Great Mortgage Rate

from: John DiDomenico-Home Mortgage Pro

Despite recent increases mortgage rates are still very competitive. Weather you’re considering to refinance or to purchase a home it is still possible to get loans still in the upper 5% range. Rates like this are still making it possible for people haven’t refinanced yet to take advantage of these rates while they’re still low. Refinancing is a practical solution to consolidate debt or paying off higher interest rate loans, financing home improvements, or taking cash out to take advantage of the low rates. Many people are enjoying the benefits of taking money out from their houses and still paying the same monthly payment without any increase. Jay Moola, (a private consumer who owns a two family house) states, “When you can take out $30,000 from your mortgage, and apply the $30,000 taken out to purchase a new house with the same monthly mortgage payment- THAT’S Awesome, especially now that I can obtain cash flow from renting out both units. By taking advantage of today’s low rates I can maximize my cash flow.” As far as home shoppers, now is the time to buy. Don’t press your luck while waiting to purchase or refinance. The first quarter is approaching and the home buying season is about to begin. With these two rapidly approaching rates and home demand are bound to creep up within the next 60 days. Act now and secure your future.

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“This information courtesy of http://www.bestnewjerseymortgages.com Click here.”

About the Author

John DiDomenico is the founder of BestNewJerseyMortgages.com who helps educate homebuyers and homeowners on their purchase and refinance needs via the http://www.bestnewjerseymortgages.com website. To find a home mortgage loan that best suits your needs visit http://www.bestnewjerseymortgages.com.


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