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Why Credit Cards Are A Bad Idea Article

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Why Credit Cards are a Bad Idea

from: Randy G. Hutchings

When you shop on the Internet or over the phone, itís the only good way to do it Ė what else are you going to do, post a cheque? Like anything convenient, though, credit cards have a flip side Ė in fact, they have lots.

Can You Keep Track?

When you walk into that shop and hand over the card, the money is taken from the card, and the card goes back into your wallet. You still have all the things you started with Ė thereís no less money in your purse or wallet to remind you of what youíve spent.

Everyone has a tendency to underestimate what they spend, and smaller amounts can add up quickly on a credit card without you even noticing. Itís like taking the way phone bills work and applying it to everything you buy Ė and that canít be a good idea.

Money For Nothing.

Using credit cards is a great way of losing a percentage of your income to a credit card company in exchange for nothing. The moment you run a balance, youíre paying them interest. Not only that, but youíre paying your credit card bill as soon as you get your wages, so you donít have the chance to earn any interest on them from your bank. When you think about it, youíre losing out twice over Ė and for what?

Designed to Keep You in Debt.

Your credit cards are trying to keep you using them and paying interest. You will find it very difficult to pay off all your credit cards once you have them. The company will do everything they can to stop you paying before youíve paid them lots of interest. The more debt you show you can pay back, the more theyíll try to offer you, until they get you to the point where you canít pay.

The Lie in the Name.

Credit cards are called credit cards to avoid saying what they really are: debt! You will do much better in all things connected to credit cards if you always remember this simple mantra: credit cards are debt cards. Use the word debt as often as you can whenever you talk about credit cards.

But Sometimes You Canít Avoid Them.

When you need money in an emergency and you just donít have any, thereís no doubting that credit cards can be useful. They are also a very useful way of proving to credit rating agencies that you can handle debt, and this will be taken into consideration when you apply for car loans or a mortgage.

Just remember that whenever you handle credit cards, youíre playing with fire. Do everything you can to keep your use of them to a minimum, and youíll have a much better financial life.

About The Author

Randy G. Hutchings

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