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Why You Should Use A Mortgage Calculator To Understand The Mortgage Amortization Process Article

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Why You Should Use a Mortgage Calculator to Understand the Mortgage Amortization Process

from: Michael Paetzold

Mortgage amortization is often a mystery to the consumer. After all, they oftentimes watch as loan officers whip out their calculators and spill out complicated numbers in record time.

But most consumers, unless they work in an industry related to the home buying and mortgage lending process, do not understand how loans are amortized. That’s okay—as a consumer it’s really not necessary for you to fully understand the amortization process and how your monthly mortgage payments are determined.

However, it is important, if you are seeking a home mortgage loan or if you already hold one, to have a general understanding of mortgage amortization and how to figure monthly payments.

In short, by having a general comprehension of mortgage amortization, you will be a more informed mortgage consumer.

What Does It Do?

When a mortgage loan is amortized, the amortization schedule is what will calculate the amount of your monthly mortgage payment. A normal, or standard, mortgage amortization will allow for the monthly mortgage payment to cover all interest accrued on the loan in the last thirty days since your last payment as well as a portion to be applied to the original principal balance of the home mortgage loan.

By following the mortgage amortization schedule, the borrower is paying off the balance of the mortgage loan principal, a little bit each month, and building equity into his home.
It is not necessary for the mortgage consumer to know the mathematical formulas that are used in mortgage amortization in order to be able to answer common mortgage questions.

What is important is that you have a general understanding of mortgage amortization; that you understand the ways that you can control or alter your mortgage amortization – allowing you to pay less for your home, and that you know what questions can be answered using a mortgage amortization schedule or a mortgage calculator.

By playing with a mortgage calculator, also sometimes called mortgage amortization calculator or mortgage rate calculator, the mortgage amortization process will start to become clearer to you.

A mortgage calculator takes vague mathematical formulas and concepts and illustrates them in ways that are easier for the consumer to understand.

A mortgage amortization calculator will also show the mortgage holder just how much money he or she can save over the life of the loan by paying just a little bit extra on the principal of the loan. Whether you make a large sump sum payment onto your mortgage principal, or add a small amount to each monthly payment, by playing with a mortgage calculator you will clearly see that it can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage. The reality is that if all mortgage holders spent time with a mortgage calculator, every one would find a way to pay a little extra on their home mortgage loan!

If you have never used a mortgage calculator, or it has been awhile since you have, you might be surprised at all that you can learn. Go to Google, or any internet search engine, and run a search for mortgage calculator. You will find that many sites in the business of initiating home mortgage loans have digital versions of mortgage calculators hosted at their site free for your use.

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