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You Don T Need 10 Or 20 Down To Get A Home Loan Article

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You donít need 10% or 20% down to get a home loan

from: Syd Johnson

The rapid increase in home prices over the past couple of years have left many potential home buyers struggling to come up with their 10% or 20% down payment. If you live in a hot market like Los Angeles, Manhattan or Miami, you might be able to afford the monthly payments on a home loan but have a hard time coming up with the one time cash for a down payment.

If you canít come up with a 10% down payment, home mortgage lenders are becoming savvy to your plight and have created many different solutions to help you get financing for your new home.

5% down is an option
One of the top ways to get home mortgage financing is with a 5% down payment. This gives most customers a huge break on the amount of cash that they need to purchase a home. In the past, 5% down home loans were only available through government funded loans like the Veterans Administration Loans.

Zero down and low down payments options
Now, many lenders including banks, credit unions and mortgage companies will work with their customers to offer low down payment deals. In addition, you can also do a zero down mortgage. In this case, the entire loan amount will be financed so your monthly payments will be higher than it would have been with a down payment. Also, your home mortgage lender might charge you a slightly higher interest for taking on the risk of approving a client without a down payment.

One of these methods will sure work for your so donít hesitate to get preapproved for your home loan today.

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Syd Johnson