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Inside-Information Regarding Your Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim

Insights Into Your Med-Pay Insurance Coverage
While Legal Romantics would like to characterize the trial of a lawsuit as a ?Search For Truth? that?s not a reality!
Cases are decided on .....
Here?s some ?Inside-Info? you must know so you won?t be taken advantage of on your motor vehicle accident insurance claim and also: SO YOU CAN COLLECT EVERY DOLLAR THAT?S OWED TO YOU !

The following 8 are just ?The Tip Of The Iceberg?:

#1. There are situations where you can collect for your ?Lost Wages? even if you were paid by your employer and/or collected ?Sick Leave? while unable to work.

#2. You can collect money and be reimbursed for any and all ?Over The Counter? (non-prescription) medication you purchased during your recovery.

#3. Under normal circumstances unless a claim ends up in court (several years after impact has taken place and you are fully recovered) you do not have to agree to be examined by the insurance company?s doctor.
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#4. There are many times that come to pass where you are entitled to collect the ?Gross Amount? of your lost wages, not the so-called ?Net After Taxes?.

#5. If you?re a housewife, you can often recover for ?Lost Wages? (based on the ?Value? of a maid or a domestic servant, who would execute the same work) which you could not perform due to the injury.

#6. You are entitled to extra compensation if you can prove you were forced to cancel a vacation and/or a special event.
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#7. Under certain circumstances you may be able to make a claim (and collect for) a personal injury even if your state is ?No-Fault? and you already have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage.

#8. Your friends, and even relatives, have the right to execute statements which you can send to adjusters (and/or anybody you feel should get one) going into detail as to what happened to your body and what they?ve observed you?ve had to deal with (via your ?Pain and Suffering?) during your period of recovery.

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1: Other Party:

Auto Insurance Bodily .....
These statements can often provide you with an even greater dollar value - - when it comes to the calculation and then the ultimate settlement of your personal injury claim!

DISCLAIMER: The above article "INSIDE-INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT CLAIM" is to help people understand the motor vehicle accident claim process. Neither Dan Baldyga,nor ARTICLE CITY any guarantee of any kind whatsoever, NOR to they purport to engage in rendering any professional or legal service, substitute for a lawyer, an insurance adjuster, or claims consultant, or the like. Where such professional help is desired IT IS THE INDIVIDUAL?S RESPONSIBILITY to obtain it.

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