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Winners 2007 and after - Stamp of Excellence Award - Merit

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1/8/2017 Enchanted Realms - Web competions Enchanted Realms
2/6/07 Sage Media is a global branding and graphic design firm based in Canada. The site's design philosophy is one of simplicity, showcasing a generous sample of the company's excellent design work. Sage Media

Winners 2006 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Merit

Date Issued

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1/7/2006 Portrait commission Artist shows his works Portrait Artist - John Burton


Hobby of collecting business cards

Steve Patterson - Collector of Business Cards

5/7/06 Official website of Author Joel Goulet containing information about his novels and a bit more Joel Goulet - Author
5/22/06 Family pets website and award program Baywood Pets
5/22/06 We fight against schemes and scams and for humanitarian causes. Doc Jim's help page
6/1/06 Shiny-Hiney.com is the source of LED taillights and Retro Accessories for classics and customs.  We promote safety among our automotive community.  Check out the cool rides, too! Shiney-Hiney
6/10/06 Patch Collection from: Police, Fire, EMS and Security Conny's Patch Collection
6/23/06 Small community volunteer fire company in northern New Jersey Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company
7/15/06 Dedicated to the artistry of Gerard Butler Gerard Butler USA
9/7/06 Website about Women for Women Special Circle of Friends

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