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Winners 2015 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Silver

Date Issued

Site Description


12/03/15 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Winners 2013 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Silver

Date Issued

Site Description


1/07/13 Family Website. News about my Family and my City Leuna in Germany. Games and Fun. 7 Zwergen Aus Leuna

Winners 2009 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Silver

Date Issued

Site Description


1/08/09 Personal site used to showcase my calligraphy. Marcella's Pen

Winners 2007 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Silver

Date Issued

Site Description


2/22/07 Boxer breeder/exhibitors. Breeding for sound Health, Temperament and Type Shakatan Boxers
2/22/07 We are a non-profit who help homeless & at-risk women and children Perspective Family Center
4/1/07 Discussion on  how the many principles of marketing can be applied to an individual. In doing so, you will learn how to establish a personal brand. Each blog entry serves as a piece of your personal brand, giving you both the tools and the ideas you need to be successful in your career. Use this knowledge to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your brand recognition. Personal Branding Blog
4/13/07 Fite Family - A Biographical and Genealogical Narrative of The Johannes Branch of Fites in the United States. The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family
5/23/07 Confessions on an Executive Restaurant Recruiter - insider info on how recruiters work Confessions of an Executive Restaurant Recruiter

Winners 2006 - Stamp of Excellence Award - Silver

Date Issued

Site Description



Site presents views of the "Irishness" of Ireland through photographs, stories, humor and short articles on people, places and events.

Aspect Ireland

1/28/2006 (new plaque issued) An extensive written and pictorial history of a WWII Destroyer Escort ship (The USS SAVAGE), and her crews.  Information and photos through the Vietnam War.  Family Friendly. The USS Savage


Site dedicated to the musician Greg Lake, founding member of King Crimson and ELP

Ladies of the Lake


Travel back in time to 1876 Victorian England and experience middle class life in Victorian London.

1876 Victorian England Revisited


Exploring the reality of multiple personality disorder, how alter personalities are created and their functions and how it feels to dissociate. A Spiritual Healing!

MPD/DID A Legitimate Diagnosis - Spiritual Healing


My Personal Website includes sections on "My Faith", "Photos", and "Tributes". The tributes are for Sept.11, 2001, Our US Military, and Our Local Heroes. A Contact page is available as well as Links and Webrings.  An "Awards" page, "Scrapbook", and "Games"  section were recently added



All about the human hands.  Received the bronze award last year, applying for upgrade.  Added weekly podcast and PDA section, html W3C validated.

Human Hand


Symi Island - Everything you would ever wanted to know about the island's history, characteristics, festival, culture, sights and enterprise.

Municipality of Symi

7/2/06 (upgrade from bronze) Dressage & Show jumping online tuition for all riders, encyclopedia, articles, rescued horses, active AP and equestrian Art. Horse Deliverance

Web page / desktop and scrap booking graphics. Line Art. Pixel drawn flags

Cats Pajamas Graphics


Horse art gallery by Suzana Stojanovic Suza an equine artist. Original oil on canvas and pastel paintings of horses, pencil horse drawings. Arabian horse art. Horse portraits, landscape, people. Realism, photorealism, hyperrealism.

Magical World of Horses - Virtual Art Gallery by Suzana Stojanovic


LVYC is located on Barnegat Bay, directly across from Barnegat Lighthouse (LBI), in the pristine community of Barnegat Beach. We are thirty miles north of Atlantic City, and fourteen miles south of Toms River. Our host facility is Leaming's Marina, located on a quiet protected lagoon, within ten minutes of Barnegat Inlet

Lagoon View Yacht Club


Community magazine site for sharing information, by way of articles, reviews, blogs and forums, about 'gadgets'

Gadget Speak

8/12/06 Dedicated to abuse awareness. Liberated From Abuse

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