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Finding a scholarship for single mother education assistance is often as simple as looking in your own back yard. Local clubs, organizations, churches and other groups often have scholarships available for a variety of applicants, including single mothers. These organizations rarely publicize their scholarship opportunities, which means that fewer people know of them, narrowing the pool of applicants and raising the odds that an applicant will win a scholarship. The successful applicant should contact as many local clubs, churches and organizations as possible to inquire about the availability of scholarship programs.

There are several free Internet sites that offer scholarship search services. These sites list over two million individual scholarships with over 15 billion dollars in scholarship money available.

There are many private State and National organizations that can provide a scholarship for single mother education assistance. These organizations help low-income single mothers who are working to achieve financial self-sufficiency. Some of these organizations train and place single mothers in occupations that are in high demand and in careers where they can earn a livable wage. These organizations work to empower single mothers through education and employment.

Some National organizations provide money directly to colleges and universities to provide for scholarships that are administered by the school. Thus, a scholarship for single mother education assistance can often be applied for directly through the school.

Some National organizations focus on specific groups of single mothers, for example, battered women. These organizations offer a scholarship for single mother education assistance when the single mother has left the abusive relationship and is looking to rebuild her life and the lives of her children. The main goal of these organizations is to stop the cycle of domestic violence through education and empowerment of the abused families. These organizations offer, in addition to a scholarship for single mother education, assistance with housing, food and daycare. In general, these types of organizations focus on the single mother who is in the most desperate financial need and who are victims of domestic violence.

A scholarship for single mother education assistance with organizations that target women who have overcome serious obstacles in their life can also be found. Single mothers who have overcome drug and alcohol abuse and poverty are eligible for these scholarships.

Many scholarships for single mothers are small. The amounts can range from a one time award of $50 to a yearly award of $1,000 or more. By combining several scholarships, grants and financial aid packages, the single mother can often finance tuition, books, transportation and daycare. Those single mothers in the most desperate need may also be able to find housing and nutritional assistance.

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