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Reduce Schedule Pressure for Greater Employee Satisfaction

from: Naseem Mariam

To remain competetive in today's fast-paced world, companies need to upgrade their products with new features in record time. This introduces schedule pressure on the project team members.
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With the dot com burst of 2001 companies now demand more tangible ROI from each project that they approve. In order to remain competitive in today's feature-rich products' world, companies need to complete the implementation of even complex features in record time.

This has resulted in shrinking of the project life cycle duration. In days gone by products would show enhancement roadmaps every 6 months or every year. Nowadays to maintain market share, many companies upgrade their products' features at least every quarter.

All this translates to schedule pressure on the projects.

Completing a 12 man-months project in 6 months with 2 people
is a completely different ball game compared to completing
the same 12 man-months project within 2 months with 6
people. The luxuries of re-work and hit-miss-change
developments are no longer available as options to project
managers when the company demands better ROI from the

What is it that a project manager can do to ease the
schedule pressure from the team members?

Here are 10 ways to reduce schedule pressure:
Match staff with desired skill sets Train staff to acquire desired skills fast Involve other experts within company Educate team on importance of avoiding rework Brainstorm to work better:faster preparation, less rework Help team implement the optimized work methods Manage the assumptions and Risks
(Refer "Risks Management reduces Project Fires") Mentor & counsel the individuals on the team Open communication channels
(a) with team (b) customer (c) Top Mgmt
thru good regular reports,escalations,metrics analysis Create winning teams


The Top 10 Steps to Create Winning Teams http://www.123projectmanagement.com/team-building-winning-teams.html

Copyright @ 2003 Project Dioxide Consultants (P) Ltd.


About the Author

Naseem Mariam is the editor of "Management that Soars"
Newsletter & author of "Project Serenity - How to gain
happiness and peace". Her writings draw life from her
18 years experience as software Project Manager. Let her
guide you towards Faster All Round Success and a Stress
Free, Joyous Life. Her free ebook and Newsletter tell You
How. Subscribe with mailto:projectdioxide@sendfree.com
Visit her at http://www.123projectmanagement.com


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