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Risk Management Reduces Project Fires

from: Naseem Mariam

Describes the 4 things a project manager or team member can do to avoid project fires: one each in 4 areas of customer management crm, team building, project management and self improvement - the 4 projects at http://www.123projectmanagement.com
WORD COUNT: 356 words ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Fires often result in projects when there is a breakdown of trust and communication between the stakeholders: team members, project manager, sponsor(top management of your own organization), client.

Fires occur when we refuse to analyse the mistakes of past projects, when we refuse to learn from mistakes which others have already made.

When you analyze the reason for the fires in the past
projects, you should order them, pick up the Top 3 causes
and device mechanisms to eliminate them from your projects.
Do this continuously and you will find suddenly that many of
your projects are smooth and peaceful.

A database of past projects' risks, their avoidance and /or
mitigation mechanisms makes life easier for future projects.
Brainstorming, with inputs from all stakeholders, for
possible risks that can occur also helps.

You can get a good overview of Project Risks Management at
the SEI web site http://www.sei.cmu.edu/programs/sepm/risk/

Read the 7 principles of Risk Management at:

What you can do as a team member or project manager to
ensure that the risks identified help avoid project fires:

1. Establish Trust with your client and stakeholders.
Refer to Article "5 Steps to Better Manage Your
Customers' Expectations" which teaches you to do this
(customer aspect)

2. Involve the team members, treat them as stakeholders
Article "Reduce Schedule Pressure for Greater Employee
Satisfaction" mentions 10 Steps which help you empower
your team members to identify and remove the bottle-necks
in the project's progress and success (team aspect)

3. Learn effective ways to identify, plan, monitor, track
the progress of work at individual and project level.
Invest time in learning sound proven methodologies, tools
and techniques that help ease your project management
tasks.(project aspect)

4. Be a learner always. Keep your eyes open to identify and
implement new and proven ways of doing things. Keep an
eye on Time and Life Management techniques, Positive
thinking, Your physical and mental health.(self aspect)

For effective Risk Management, you should enhance all these
4 areas equally. Strengthen your knowledge, implement good,
sound techniques in these 4 areas and you will be able to
make a success of your career.

Related Reading
1. http://www.sei.cmu.edu/programs/sepm/risk/
2. http://www.sei.cmu.edu/programs/sepm/risk/principles.html

Copyright @ 2003 Project Dioxide Consultants (P) Ltd.


About the Author

Naseem Mariam is the editor of "Management that Soars"
Newsletter & author of "Project Serenity - How to gain
happiness and peace". Her writings draw life from her
18 years experience as software Project Manager. Let her
guide you towards Faster All Round Success and a Stress
Free, Joyous Life. Her free ebook and Newsletter tell You
How. Subscribe with mailto:projectdioxide@sendfree.com
Visit her at http://www.123projectmanagement.com


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