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Weight Loss Exercise

Obesity is defined as the condition of being very overweight and having a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or higher. The BMI is a measure of your weight relative to your height.  I had a BMI of 38 when I began my current regimen of weight loss through exercise and diet.

Obesity stretches the skin and it is important to tone and firm the muscles during the weight loss process to help the skin return to normal when the weight loss is complete. In addition, the muscle that is built during toning reduces fatigue on the body because the added strength is more efficient and requires less energy.  Building muscle as you go is a highly desirable path.

Muscles burn calories when they work; they even do so at rest. Unlike fats which just lie around, bulge around the pants and dangle beneath the sleeves, muscles burn calories all-day round. Muscle mass is essential for everyone for long-term health and fitness.

Walking is a great exercise especially for people that are extremely over weight. It's low impact and can be taylored for each individuals capability and increased easily as you progress.  You will find yourself feeling better and stronger very quickly and it's easy to keep adding distance and intensity as your abilities allow, which will aid in your weight loss.  Walking is almost the same as jogging since it can burn your fat. Do this everyday and before you even realize it, you have lose some extra pounds contain in your body. Walking is a good exercise with which to start. Since angina is known to be exacerbated by physical exertion following a meal, give your body at least one and a half hours after a meal before exercising.

Starting a walking for fitness and weight loss program may be the very best way for you to improve your health and to get in better shape.  Start with 20 minutes the first day or week, 30 the second month, and so on and continue to build up.  It does not matter whether you are young or old you can walk your way to better health as long as you are in reasonably good shape and you start your walking program with common sense.  Any exercise program you do will work better if you start gradually. Start today by limiting your fat or carbohydrate intake depending on your diet preferences and begin working a regular exercise program into your schedule.

Fat distribution can also influence a patient?s health risks. For example, patients whose fat is primarily in the abdominal area—as opposed to the buttocks, hips, or breasts—have an increased chance of morbidity and mortality as their weight increases.  Low carb diets promote your body to become a fat burner by stimulating your metabolism. This, in turn, causes your system to utilize your stored fat for energy.  Fat is necessary for energy production, and later in your program as you lose weight you can switch to a diet with more cabohydrate intake which ultimately will make your body more efficient as a fat burning machine.

Diet plays a crucial role in weight management and no weight loss plan is complete without somehow addressing your eating habits. Diet alone cannot bring about a serious change in weight. The body is programmed to use only what is needed for activity and stores the rest as extra, unwanted weight. Diet is a huge factor in weight loss. Exercise can be a waste of time if you are counteracting all your hard work with a poor diet.

Eating a lot of fruit and veggies, is a great way of introducing healthy carbs into your diet and are extremely good for you. Eating frequent, small meals and snacks and choosing lower-fat food items can result in successful weight loss. Eat the foods you love and lose weight. It's easy to train your body how to use the foods you eat to burn calories and fat.

Regular exercise also helps you burn calories faster, even when you are sitting still. Regular physical activity is also likely to help modify a number of risk factors. As an adjunct to weight loss, exercise is likely to help you stay on a diet and lose weight. Regular workouts outside or even on a treadmill increase the body's metabolism and promote more weight loss.

Keeping a diet log is also a great way to promote weight loss.  Some how tracking what we eat and how much we exercise, promotes our minds to "think before we eat".  Physical things you want to accomplish like walking up several flights of stairs without stopping or a certain amount of miles walked in a specific amount of time tracked throughout your scrapbook. Physical and mental afflictions seem to annoy us as we get older, whether we like it or not, but we can get as healthy as possible in the meantime to slow it down!

You can follow my own weight loss travels at One Pound Ago and see how I am doing today!

Written by: WM8C, July 12th, 2008.  Not for use without written permission

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